Intro: Camper Living!

13434815_953855971400572_6559810015721328315_n(Pictured above is us in the back of a Walmart parking lot in Flagstaff, Arizona).

My fiancé and I purchased a 2002 Dutchmen in 2015 with the hopes of enjoying a beautiful and simpler way of life. She has served us VERY well since we brought her home! We lived in Colorado for a while until we traveled to Phoenix where we stayed for about 8 months. Now (no surprise), we are back in our home state of Colorado!

Since we are settled into the small town of Golden, we have been thinking about what we want to do next. For quite some time, we’ve been playing with the idea of purchasing a Tiny Home since our camper is not 4 season and we live in a snowy state. After some thought, we decided that a tiny home would be too much for what we were currently looking for. Eric and I owned our camper out right and would love to keep it. However, this posed a serious question: If we kept our wonderful Dutchmen, how would we be able to make it withstand the cold winters of Colorado if it’s not 4 season, hmm? We came to a conclusion finally! It’s so great and we are SO excited about it!

  • Instead of purchasing a Tiny House for $40,000+, we are going to take out a loan for about $7,000 to completely transform our baby and the truck!
  • We will be updating the interior with new paint, fixtures, mild construction and new floors!
  • We will be pulling out the walls and adding more insulation.
  • Switching out the windows with more 4 season friendly ones.
  • Creating a desk space for vlogging and other creative endeavors!


I will be posting updates about the renovation every step of the way! So again, welcome to Camper Living! ♥



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I'm Rhiannon Skye and I go by @gypseaskye! I am a 23 year old adventurer and blogger. I have loved writing my entire life and finally decided that making a blog would be a fun way to express my creative side. I will be writing about many things including poetry and healthy living!

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