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♥ Just recently, I was browsing through Instagram and came across a beautiful romper and I just HAD to have it. I followed the post to an account called Honeybum and was instantly hooked. I admit, I gave into the “impulse buy” and purchased the Floral Pom Pom Set that I had seen on the page. I received it in the mail within just a few days which made me a super happy girl! One thing that I absolutely LOVED about shopping online with Honeybum was that they portrayed some of their clothing on a curvier model who had hips and thighs like myself. Online shopping was always a little difficult for me as I felt I was “risking it” if I bought something that was a shorter length. I typically tried picturing the model…plus my hips and thighs and it actually deterred me away from buying several times. I was SO happy that I felt comfortable enough to take part in the exciting “impulse buy” because it was a lot easier for me to picture the piece on myself.

The Floral Pom Pom is a two piece matching set with adorable tassels that bounce in the wind! My first time wearing it was when my fiance and I rode our bicycles to downtown Golden for some Fourth of July festivities. He told me how cute the tassels were while riding through a beautiful bike trail.

The awesome part is since it’s a two piece, you can mix and match with other articles of clothing! I’ve worn this tassel top with denim shorts as well as a white top with the floral shorts from this set. It’s amazing!


As the majority of all rompers out there, it is short so I’ll be bending at my knees for sure! I’m more than satisfied with this company so far and I’ve already made two purchases within the first week! I’ll be making even more soon because they have a wide variety of styles that I can definitely picture myself in. I’m hoping to snatch the Candace Jogging Set next time!


♥ Another awesome thing about Honeybum, is that they are dedicated to helping #SaveTheBees! For every item you purchase, they plant 10 flowers for our beloved little friends! I’m happy to know that because of my two purchases last week, 20 flowers were planted! Bees are so very important to our planet and it’s crucial that we recognize them for their greatness!


Get This Look!

I paired my outfit with a beautiful white shell, coral and Larimar necklace I had made myself! I’d definitely say that a beachy theme is a YES when it comes the this set (although I am in Colorado)!



The Floral Pom Pom Set on Honeybum


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