The Buckle Kimono


Can we take a moment to appreciate the amazing article of clothing known as the kimono? I can honestly admit that these things have saved my life time and time again on the occasions that I worried about the dreadful….”love handles” (cue dark tune). When I worked in management at Buckle (BEST job EVER), I had unlimited access to their cute new clothes. I was in charge of overseeing ALL of the new inventory that came in every single day and I absolutely loved it. I was the first one to see our new product and I would run out and show my team if something came in that I felt everyone needed to see (it happened a lot…no shame).


One day, as I was opening a bag of brand new bralettes, I came across something purple and floral. It was just begging to be opened so I ripped open the bag and instantly fell in love. I know I’m being a little dramatic but hey, that’s me for you. I didn’t even try it on before running out and telling my General Manager that I was going to buy one of these and what did she do? She bought one too!

This is me, hiding from my problems.  ^ 

After I purchased this beaut, I became obsessed. I would actively search our incoming inventory to check if there were new kimonos arriving that day and if they were, I’d buy them. You see, my fiance loves sweets. He will always want something for his sweet tooth after dinner and no matter how good I was doing, I’d fall prey to the sugary temptation that is: dessert. I saw a funny quote about a month ago and I figured I’d share it with ya’ll:



♥ This makes total sense, right? It did to me and still does. I’d forget all of the stresses and worries from life all while getting lost in a delicious chocolate chip cookie or ice cream. After a while, I noticed that the dreaded “love handles” were making a comeback. And this is when I decided I would start hiking and biking again! In the meantime, however, I wanted some coverage. At the time, I had some self confidence issues that plagued me and the handles didn’t help. So, kimonos became a thing and I’m so happy that they did! This particular one from Buckle is by far one of my favorites (hence, its own blog post).


I recently purchased the new GoPro Hero 5 Black and wanted to see how pictures would look under a certain setting. These were a little grainy for my liking but I just need to adjust the settings for next time. Overall, it’s a fun camera! I also recently acquired the Nikon D7000 because it can shoot pictures AND video! I happen to love acting so I figured it’d be fun to play with.


I’m a sucker for floral prints for many reasons. I just love how I feel like a flower fairy with all of the vibrant colors! In the photo above, I was hanging out with a large piece of petrified wood! I still haven’t been to the Petrified Forest but you bet your bottom I’ll be a picture maniac!

Get This Look!

Kimonos can be paired with basically anything. I even wear my sexier, thinner ones to bed sometimes! They add a perfect compliment to your outfit and help you feel more confident and flirty for sure!




♥ From: Buckle!



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