Over-sized Sweaters!

Sooo…Denver has decided that it’s going to bring in fall temperatures in August. BOO! I’m really going to be missing the shorts, tank tops and floral dresses but there is a bright side: fall style.

You can get this cozy sweater here!


Disregard the shorts in this photo and pay attention to this cute over-sized sweater. My main style for when it gets really cold out is for sure skinny jeans, leggings and sweaters.

Fall fashion is one of my very favorites to shop for. Every year, certain styles change and I become so excited to see what’s new for the season.




There’s many reasons why I personally prefer over-sized sweaters including: it covers up the love handles! I have thrown on a cozy, loose sweater so many times when my skinny jeans were a little too tight up top.

Grab it here!

I have an interesting body type so it makes it a little difficult to shop. What fits my thighs may not fit my bottom or my hips and all vice versa. So big sweaters are my best friend when it becomes cold outside and I find myself walking through the city.

Grab it here!

So bring it on Denver. Bring on the cold weather because I will be prepared!



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I'm Rhiannon Skye and I go by @gypseaskye! I am a 23 year old adventurer and blogger. I have loved writing my entire life and finally decided that making a blog would be a fun way to express my creative side. I will be writing about many things including poetry and healthy living!

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