Coffee Is An Explorer’s Best Friend.


The cold air nips at your exposed face up on the mountain. You sit outside of your tent boiling water and anticipate the delicious, smooth and nutty flavor of your favorite coffee. Once it is done, you sit back and put your feet up on a boulder, taking in the breathtaking view of the mountains.

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Okay, so I am currently in Florida right now but can a girl dream? I miss venturing about the vast mountainous terrain in Colorado right now but it’s alright because I know I’m going to be back there in a few days to pick up some more of my personal belongings from a storage unit. Although I will only be there for five days, it is going to be great and I am so excited. I already told one of my friends that I will probably cry when I lay my eyes upon those mountains again!

So yes, back to the coffee. I personally drink decaf because caffeine causes me to have a faster heartbeat which does make me uncomfortable. I really like the taste and smell of coffee so I enjoy a cup on some chilly mornings (yes, it does get cold in Florida). I will switch out between decaf coffee and decaf green tea depending on what I feel my body wants. There are some definite health benefits to drinking coffee and I’m happy to say that it all is the same for decaf just minus the side effects of the caffeine. If you’d like to see an article explaining many of the health benefits for coffee, I’d recommend this site.



There are many coffee brands that I do like but Dunkin Decaf is probably one of my absolute favorites. I am so excited to explore more beautiful parts of this planet. And I will always have my Dunkin Decaf or some yummy decaf green tea!


I’m actually on the hunt for a good french press or other awesome little thing specifically for making coffee while camping. So, if you know of something that would work great, let me know! I’d love to hear about your adventures with coffee as a fellow wanderer!


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