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Sedona (First Round)!

Our first EVER experience of Sedona! We had been just itching to go since it was such a spiritual hub. We wanted to experience the energy vortexes and crystal shops as well as hike around the popular spots (so touristy)! Unfortunately, the entire time we were here, Eric was sick! His stomach was hurting him so we really only got out for one day and the other day we spent mainly in the hotel room. We were supposed to stay for about a week but after it got more severe, we decided to begin our long journey back to Colorado. We did stop at a local hospital in Sedona just to make sure Eric wasn’t experiencing something serious. Thankfully, he was not and it actually ended up being that his spine was out of alignment. After he got adjusted, he felt better! Apparently a nerve that controls the acidity in your stomach was pinched so he was having constant burning. We were relieved to know that it was easily fixable! The decision was made that we would be back soon! And we were.


Phoenix Living!

Eric and I brought our camper to Phoenix for about 8 months! We made a lot of good memories and met some great people! After going to Sedona for the first time, we decided that Arizona would be a really cool place to live and we had friends willing to let us park in their back yard for that amount of time. We didn’t quite realize how hot it was going to be as we moved there on a high heat index weekend in June of 2016. Let’s just say…WHOA. We made awesome connections while we were there that will definitely last! And what’s really cool is that I had NEVER experienced or seen dust storms or what they call, “haboobs.” Included below are a couple photos of me enjoying a wine cooler while watching a “haboob” come in! SO COOL! I definitely will want to be back in Arizona soon. I would not mind living in or around Sedona or Flagstaff. So wonderful!


Sedona (Round Two)!

YES!! Sedonaaaaa!! WOO WOO! Sorry, can you tell how much I love this place? This time when we went, Eric was feeling 100% and so was I. We camped for a few days and met some friend there who were visiting from Washington. We hiked around as well as cliff jumped into ICE COLD WATER. It honestly took my breath away. Phew! Let me tell you, it was phenomenal and full of so much love!