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Pike National Forest (First official hike in Colorado)!

I was so proud of myself! This was my first decent hike in this beautiful state. We made a whole day out of it too. We had a picnic by the river after hiking up to the top of a nearby mountain. I remember feeling so blessed to be able to be out on such a gorgeous day with the love of my life. This is where the passion for adventure began to grow further for me.

Hanging Lake Hike in Glenwood Springs!

This hike was a very steep hike with many large rocks/steps. It is 2.9 miles roundtrip with a total elevation gain of 1065 feet! The highest elevation point is 7200 feet. I had to stop a few times to catch my breath but let me tell you, it’s WORTH IT! Unfortunately, I did recently hear that the log that extends through the lake is no longer there because people kept walking on it and it broke. Ugh, humans. I’m just very grateful I was able to experience this!

Woodland Adventures!

An unexpected hike in Deer Creek Canyon to exploring Mount Evans, we had a weekend of FUN! I told Eric that I wanted to take off my shoes and just run in the woods. It makes me feel some type of way. I then learned that there’s a term for it: Earthing. Turns out, our feet absorb important minerals from the earth that aid in our health!

Hiking Near Devil’s Head!

Eric is a rock lover, rock hound, digger, lover of all things rock. And we had discovered that the Devil’s Head and Topaz Point areas are home to some awesome smoky quartz and topaz that are just waiting to be discovered. So this weekend, we went digging and found some awesome things (Eric mainly while I sunbathed on a rock). He came across some nicely formed smoky quartz points that we later washed off and sold in Eggers Lapidary.

Camping at The Winding River Resort in Rocky Mountain National Park!

Eric booked us a cabin here for his birthday weekend. He was turning 25 (er, halfway to 50 is how I described it). We had the wonderful opportunity to ride horses through the mountains for two hours and it brought me such happiness! I hadn’t ridden horses for at least 11 years. Even though it was Eric’s birthday, he still surprised me with the horses. How did I get so lucky?

Camping in Buena Vista!

This was probably one of the most beautiful places we’ve camped. We went to a free camping ground and spent a couple of nights here under the stars. I was really starting to get used to this amazing feeling of freedom.

Estes Park!

Eric and I drove up to Estes for my first ever time and it was nothing short of amazing! The town was really cool with kind people. Unfortunately, Colorado is becoming so crowded so many of these little towns are being overrun with tourists. But, it was still a really fun experience to see it and go on a nice hike for the day!


First Time Camping With Our Camper Before Moving to Arizona!

At this point, we had been living in our camper for a short amount of time. We moved out of our expensive apartment and into the 28ft beauty. Although we hadn’t taken it anywhere yet so we wanted to test her and see how she did and we were NOT disappointed! We hiked to the summit of a nearby mountain and the view was gorgeous.


Mountain Venturing!

This was a random trip we took with Bailey to go exploring a trail we had never seen before. We ended up getting some cute pictures from that day.


Pike National Forest – I Found A Swimming Hole!

As you will probably see, Pike National Forest is one of my favorite places to explore around my home in Golden, Colorado. This time, I happened to come across the PERFECT spot to swim this summer! I will definitely be jumping in especially with the recent heat (I mean, phew)!