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Florida (Round One)!

I lived in Florida with my parents for my senior year of High School and another summer after that. So, it makes a great place to go to for vacations since I won’t have to pay for hotels! My parents are located in a beautiful small town called Crystal River. This town is known for Three Sisters Springs and the manatee tours. Hands down one of my favorite places that I’ve lived. I often went to Busch Gardens in Tampa and was able to bring Eric this time too! This is when we went to grab the rest of my things since I was actually going to move in with Eric in Colorado. It was a pretty big step but I was ready. I only went out to Colorado in the first place because my aunt and uncle told me I needed to experience it. So when I booked my one way ticket to Colorado, it was hard for my parents since it was very last minute. After about a week and a half of living with my aunt and uncle, I met Eric. Then, the most amazing journey of my life began. Love, spirituality, understanding myself and life. But, I always love going back to Florida for a visit! Eric had never experienced this “water lifestyle” and I was happy to show him what it was all about.


Florida (Round Two)!

This time going down was a little more focused on seeing and spending time with my family. Eric got to meet my grandparents and spent a little more time with mom and dad. Although, they still want to hang out with Eric more since he is the man I’m going to marry! I’m so happy that they like him (others in the past were not on their favorites list) lol. They have come to realize that I’m my own person and I am actually adulting in this crazy world and that’s a good thing. So many parents try and hold on forever and they end up holding on too tightly and that’s when things go downhill. I’m happy that I can still talk to these cool people who I call parents. They made life fun growing up and I appreciate them truly for who they are now.