Mastering Choice


Choice is a big, beautiful beast that no one wants to see. People want to avoid acknowledging it at all costs it seems. The crazy thing about this is, it has SO much to teach you. The unfortunate reality is that many people don’t want to learn anything unless it’s from a text book with a professor standing in front of them, reciting all sorts of gobbly gook and whatnot.

It wasn’t until December of 2014 that I literally stumbled upon an intense spiritual awakening. And let me tell you, the entire road has not been easy since I had to learn many things on my own or from my significant other. I dealt with not knowing what to do in certain situations or feeling like I was absolutely powerless. For the longest time, I didn’t want to see the beast in the corner. I knew it was there, but didn’t want to acknowledge it. Once I finally walked towards it and really saw its beauty, I was enthralled. I finally understood it and then wanted to befriend it. 

 Metaphor aside; the thing to understand with Choice is that YOU are in control. You have the power to see it and choose what happens in your life. Seems like a huge responsibility, huh? Precisely. This is why many people are quick to blame outside influences for why their lives are so miserable (excuse the negative outlook), but it’s true. 

I have a quick lesson in this subject for you all and I really hope you take it to heart and utilize these skills in your daily life. It has honestly saved me in so many ways and allowed me to more understand my personal journey.

watercolor-heart-greenLittle steps is sometimes key

 Start with little things. I don’t know how many times I stubbed my toe in the morning and thought, “wow, today is going to suck.” And guess what? It totally sucked. You need to learn to detach at a level where you can understand why that happened to you. Were you rushing? You needed to slow down and that’s the Universe’s way of telling you to slow down. Everything happens for a reason and sometimes crazy circumstances come flying at you without warning. But, the way you react to these circumstances will determine your future. What you speak really does influence your life. From what I’ve learned, speaking about how grateful and blessed I am every day makes my life so much more positive. 

If you’d like to test this out, I have a few suggestions for beginning:

• First, recognize that you have the power of Choice in every situation.

• Pick whatever makes you feel best. It feels good to be happy, so pick that in a situation that asks if you want to be angry or sad.

• Don’t mind what other people will think. Do what makes YOU happy. Do what will serve YOU.

For example:

You are grocery shopping and someone happens to bump into you.

 If you reacted with anger, it would look like this:

– You huff, puff and confront the man. Depending on the man’s perception of choice may or may not react to your reaction. Either way, you will be left feeling a high level of stress and anger.

“What a dick, he didn’t have to run into me. He didn’t even apologize.”

If you reacted with the option that best serves YOU and YOUR Being:

– You observe the man and notice that he is in a rush to the door with no groceries in hand. He is talking on his phone in a stressed state. So because you choose to observe without an immediate reaction, you can see that it’s not something to fret about. Maybe the man got a call that caused him to rush or maybe he accidentally bumped you. Either way, it does not require you to waste any of your precious energy. Just keep on truckin’ and you will be okay.

“Hmm, I wonder why he’s in a rush? Hope his day gets better.”


So embrace the Power of Choice. Acknowledge that it’s there and use it to your advantage! Your health and well being comes first, remember that. And reacting to circumstances based on what will serve you better will make your life a much happier place. Sometimes, Life throws us unexpected curve balls and we need to know that we will be okay even if we get hit. ♥