Spiritual Journey


I truly recognized my spiritual journey in December of 2014. Almost everything I knew was now in question. I woke up and could really see things for the first time and I remember feeling lost in a sea of confusion, anger and denial. How was I living with a blindfold on all of this time? What mattered most to me now, was that I had ripped the blindfold off and was now seeing and thinking for myself. The path to find yourself in the deepest of levels is often littered with life lessons and forgiveness lessons. The biggest thing in this journey is that I’ve had to call myself out on my bullshit. The ego takes hard hits and gets unraveled in this beautiful path.

I recently made a YouTube channel where I will be discussing things I’ve learned among other things. I’m really excited about it! You can view it here: GypseaSkye’s YouTube!


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