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when we know it is time.


when we know it is time.

the sky opens before me, revealing the answers to the questions i have asked many times

i step forward, ready to split myself open and reveal the light within me that always shines

my eyes scan the sea of humans before me and i cannot help but notice the confusion and the stress

they are constantly worried about what they can change yet think of themselves less and less

what is this game we have fallen into and can we beat it?

because i don’t want to come back again, i don’t want to repeat it

the wind blows my hair across my eyes, but my vision is not clouded

for i see the countless of people terrified, their happiness is always shrouded

the darkness is not something to fear, as it is only the absence of light

when we wake up and open our eyes, we will then see everything how it is and begin doing what’s right


within the sea of people before me, i notice they are not looking up

they are staring at the phones in their hands, not bothering to see us

for i am no longer alone here, i have others behind and beside me

they see what i see, and they want desperately to set them free

but how can they understand us when they are still digesting the lies that were fed to them this morning?

how can they get that there is a fire in this world that is blazing and roaring?

they are wearing blindfolds, content in the game and never asking why

like birds who think it’s normal to sit in a cage, and think it’s crazy to fly


we stand back, awaiting our time to fight

to fight with love and this beautiful radiant light

violence will never be the answer, it will destroy all possible solutions

this is why we must wake up from the system and all of its illusions

for when we truly acknowledge the power we have in the game

it will change

we will step up and allow ourselves to shine

when we know, it is time



• xoxo •

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walk with me.


walk with me.

walk with me, darling, walk along the beach

my hand dangles at my side, ready for your reach

i know how i feel, the question is, what about you

the fire between us tells me nothing but the truth

i can see this so clearly, but i’m not sure if you can

maybe because it wasn’t a part of your original plan

you are quiet now, step after step through the sand beside me

i hope you realize that with anything, you can confide in me

for i am always here for you, to illuminate the darkness that may haunt you

i want to rip you open and watch your light spill over the floor, i want you to know i want you


you just keep staring out at the water to our right

can i tell you that your eyes are still the most beautiful thing in sight

in this moment, i’m okay being lost in your presence

you bring me so many feelings, but among them, balance

i want to pick through your chaotic mind and extract only what you should see

there are piles of meaningless junk causing you worry, don’t listen to it, listen to me

even now, i see you contemplating many things

i want to see what about this crazy life makes your heart sing

i decide to take the leap and reach for your hand

you interlock your fingers with mine quickly as we leave footprints in the sand

although we have not spoken, i know you feel it too

this may not be forever, but right now, it is true

there’s a reason not to leave here, a reason not to go

if you love me, let me know

lay your lips on mine, set me free

take a chance, my love, and walk with me


• xoxo •

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love is patient, love is kind

love is the only thing i accept into my mind

i choose to smile and to hug my heart

for i realize my true happiness is but an art

one to paint freely across the wall

with stars and trees, and lovers answering the call

the one that rings within the depths of our being

the one that tells us, sight is not just seeing

it is believing


• xoxo •

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i feel you.


i never knew your body was a hurricane

it swept me up and swallowed all of my pain

you never told me just how deep your eyes were

for when i look into them, i see You and all else is a blur

your presence makes me realize that there’s so much more

your power shot through me, electrifying me to my very core

the kisses you placed upon my body are now stained into my skin

in the midst of the beautiful chaos, i knew this exchange would always win

•    •    •    •    •

– the rest of this poem and many others will be published in my first ever poetry book, “moments” coming soon.


• xoxo •

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I Choose To Fall.


I Choose To Fall.

The moon peers at me through the clouds. I am sitting atop the sand dunes on the beach. Here, I feel beautifully isolated and peaceful. The waves sing to me the most remarkable of songs while I sit quietly. The wind nips at my hair playfully as I take deep, meditative breaths.

I am currently embracing this solitude for it is key to my inner growth. The salty air fills my lungs with a friendly sense of familiarity and I feel utterly at bliss. I glance over to my left and see a couple walking up to their ankles in the ocean. I know that they cannot see me and do not know I am here.

She begins jogging ahead of him and he chases her. He scoops her up into his arms and lovingly spins her around in circles. Her sweet laugh echoes out onto the water and back again. She jokes about how she’s dizzy and may fall over but he holds her steady. I feel honored to observe these raw moments of pure love and ultimate happiness. He holds her face in his hands as he kisses her deeply, passionately.


My heart flutters as I remember that feeling of another’s lips parting with mine. How when we hugged, it was like our rib cages were tangled together. I remembered how it felt to have fingers dance across my skin in the most intimate of moments.

I have been through my fair share of hurt but at the end of the day, I know it’s all worth it. I have always been a lover and many have told me that it was a curse but I believe it’s a blessing. As I watch them out there, I feel that we should fall in Love with as many things as possible. Life is crazy and can be cut short at any moment. I want to feel Love over and over again. I want my body to warm up as butterflies rip through my chest because of the way he looks at me. I want to feel tears roll down my cheeks as I look into the happy, grey-fur lined eyes of our old family dog. I want to laugh so hard my stomach hurts when I see a totally candid and hilarious shot I snapped of my best friend.

Some people say “no” to Love. They claim they’ve been hurt so many times that they can no longer feel it or fear opening back up to it. For me, this simply is not possible because I see Love everywhere. Being who I am, I will always thrive when in Love. This can be with anything or anyone. When I am aligned with this blissful, beautiful feeling, I am complete.


Many thoughts go through my mind nowadays…and I can gladly say that they are positive and loving. I have been more aligned with Love lately than I have been in so long and the crazy part is…I’ve been experiencing it alone. I’ve dove into the fantastical mysteries of Self Love and am amazed by the answers I have uncovered. Once you have learned this art, nothing can take this bliss away from you.

Blame it on me being a Libra/Scorpio Cusp if you’d like…but I often feel my heart exploding with passion for the feelings of reveling joyously in Love. I would look for Love in everything outside of myself but never thought about looking within. And now that I’ve activated this part of me, I am radiating with unconditional excitement.


There are many reasons why I do not fear falling in Love. I am not ashamed and do not see this as vulnerability, but strength. I know in my heart that whatever I pour my Love into moving forward, that it will be magical, real and wild. To me, the descent into Love is the most exhilarating trust fall there is. And it’s in the moments where I’m driving into the sunset, giggling with my friends, dancing alone in my bedroom or staring into his eyes that I realize what’s truly important in my life.

These are the moments that will live on forever within my heart along with the footsteps of all of these remarkable beings. Whether our friendship or Love lasts forever, the memories will.

And this is why I choose to fall.


• xoxo •






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Restless Soul.


Restless Soul.

The moon’s light dances through my window, I watch it as I lay in bed.

There are so many beautiful things going on inside my head.

I close my eyes and exhale, sinking deeper into my sheets.

My heart feels lovingly optimistic about all of the new souls I will soon meet.

For my soul has been thrashing within me, making me feel alive.

It’s ready to emerge now, to jump out and thrive.

It was held captive in the dark for the longest time.

And it’s so excited to come out and shine.


It quivers at the idea of tangling intimately with another again soon.

I open my eyes now and gaze up longingly at the moon.

A smile forms on my lips, as I realize that loving myself makes me whole.

That it is the absolute key to releasing my restless soul.


• xoxo •

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Rush Over Me.


Rush Over Me.

Your finger tips, on my skin
There’s nothing that, I wouldn’t give
To keep this love alive
We gave it all, we give it up
The chemistry, was not enough

Oh we just collide
I hate myself when I say:
“I need tonight just say goodbye
I will give what’s left, inside”

So rush over me one more time
I will miss you, torn apart after tonight
And we can’t fix it
Rush over me one more time
The end is coming
Rush over, rush over me
‘Cause I will miss you
‘Cause I will miss you

Hold on to me now, before we lose this
I keep breaking down, can I do this?
I need tonight to say goodbye, to say goodbye
To say goodbye.


This song has been on repeat on my playlist for some time now. It holds so much meaning and I finally decided to make a video to it.

♥I love being able to have the freedom to do the things that make my heart and soul happy.♥

This whole thing was filmed using a GoPro Hero 5 Black and I cannot wait to upgrade to a camera that will allow me to get more cinematic shots!

Filmed with: GoPro Hero 5 Black

Edited with: iMovie + Cameo Music:

Rush Over Me – Seven Lions


• xoxo •