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where would we be?


where would we be?

i’ve had enough of this place

this crazy, bustling thing called the human race

my mind craves silence, it craves peace

my heart just wants people to really see

what they are doing to themselves and to each other?

if they do open their eyes, will they be able to recover?

because they will finally see a culture that kills each other over a difference in thought

fully grown adults acting like children, no longer practicing the kindness they were once taught

why do we kill animals in the way we do just because we like the taste?

why do we throw out so much food when there are many starving to death…why do we waste?

and can you tell me why we hate one another so much?

you do know it’s a ploy to separate us so we won’t rise up

we are weaker when we’re alone

that’s what they want so they can remain in power…remain on the throne.

wake up and help us change the world now

because one day, they will look back on us and wonder…how?

how could they have allowed such cruelty, hate and violence?

how did they not know they were stuck in a cycle of cognitive dissonance?

and how the hell did they think that green energy was a waste of resources?

did they see what they did to this world? thank goodness we changed courses

where would we be today if the ones who wanted change simply turned away?


• xoxo •





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walk away.

walk away.

when i found you, i ran to you.

i opened my arms and jumped into yours, embracing the new.

my life is lived through love, i fall in love with everything.

some say it’s a curse, but i’ve always thought it to be a blessing.

in this case, i wish i had turned and walked away.

i should have known that this beautiful feeling wouldn’t stay.

i realized you were a reflection of a cycle i kept repeating in life.

i realized this around the same time i found out you conjured up some karma in her bed, i felt the knife.

through everything, though, i wish you the best for i can no longer be here.

your eyes hold too much for me now, so you no longer have to worry about me while she’s near.

i am choosing to back out of this one, my growth is too important to me.

i am choosing to break my cycle, choosing to be free.

so from the bottom of my heart, i adore you…but i’m cutting ties.

i don’t want to allow myself to be around someone who cannot control them self, someone who lies.

i don’t know about you, but there will definitely be some lessons from this experience that i will take,

along with me on my path, when i walk away.


• xoxo •

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what can we do?


what can we do?

the world is burning, can’t you see?

of course you can’t, you still think we’re free

let me ask you, do you believe the news?

is it where you get all of your information? do you believe it’s all true?

well i need to tell you, the truth cannot be farther

there are too many people who want your world to become darker

they want you to feel fear, and rely on them for protection

they’re wearing a mask to scare you, then turn around and show you fake affection

i want you to open your eyes, i want you to truly see

see the world for what it is now, and what it could be

allow me to rip the blindfold off of your head

trying to live with this on is basically living when you’re dead

there’s a radical difference between living and merely existing

you’re walking around working for a life you don’t have time to enjoy, there’s so much you’re missing

don’t you realize that we can change it all?

when we finally rise up, it is us who can make that call

we seem to forget the power that we have

this is what frustrates me, what drives me mad

because i’ve seen what this world could become if we got our shit right

but it’s hard, because all we want to do is fight

let me drop some truth on you, violence will never be the answer

love will always be it, so throw the aggression aside, and embrace the tiny dancer

bliss is where we belong

anger, jealousy and hatred, it is all wrong

so open your eyes, and join the rest of us

and get ready to stand with us when we rise up.

• xoxo •


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when we know it is time.


when we know it is time.

the sky opens before me, revealing the answers to the questions i have asked many times

i step forward, ready to split myself open and reveal the light within me that always shines

my eyes scan the sea of humans before me and i cannot help but notice the confusion and the stress

they are constantly worried about what they can change yet think of themselves less and less

what is this game we have fallen into and can we beat it?

because i don’t want to come back again, i don’t want to repeat it

the wind blows my hair across my eyes, but my vision is not clouded

for i see the countless of people terrified, their happiness is always shrouded

the darkness is not something to fear, as it is only the absence of light

when we wake up and open our eyes, we will then see everything how it is and begin doing what’s right


within the sea of people before me, i notice they are not looking up

they are staring at the phones in their hands, not bothering to see us

for i am no longer alone here, i have others behind and beside me

they see what i see, and they want desperately to set them free

but how can they understand us when they are still digesting the lies that were fed to them this morning?

how can they get that there is a fire in this world that is blazing and roaring?

they are wearing blindfolds, content in the game and never asking why

like birds who think it’s normal to sit in a cage, and think it’s crazy to fly


we stand back, awaiting our time to fight

to fight with love and this beautiful radiant light

violence will never be the answer, it will destroy all possible solutions

this is why we must wake up from the system and all of its illusions

for when we truly acknowledge the power we have in the game

it will change

we will step up and allow ourselves to shine

when we know, it is time



• xoxo •

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walk with me.


walk with me.

walk with me, darling, walk along the beach

my hand dangles at my side, ready for your reach

i know how i feel, the question is, what about you

the fire between us tells me nothing but the truth

i can see this so clearly, but i’m not sure if you can

maybe because it wasn’t a part of your original plan

you are quiet now, step after step through the sand beside me

i hope you realize that with anything, you can confide in me

for i am always here for you, to illuminate the darkness that may haunt you

i want to rip you open and watch your light spill over the floor, i want you to know i want you


you just keep staring out at the water to our right

can i tell you that your eyes are still the most beautiful thing in sight

in this moment, i’m okay being lost in your presence

you bring me so many feelings, but among them, balance

i want to pick through your chaotic mind and extract only what you should see

there are piles of meaningless junk causing you worry, don’t listen to it, listen to me

even now, i see you contemplating many things

i want to see what about this crazy life makes your heart sing

i decide to take the leap and reach for your hand

you interlock your fingers with mine quickly as we leave footprints in the sand

although we have not spoken, i know you feel it too

this may not be forever, but right now, it is true

there’s a reason not to leave here, a reason not to go

if you love me, let me know

lay your lips on mine, set me free

take a chance, my love, and walk with me


• xoxo •

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love is patient, love is kind

love is the only thing i accept into my mind

i choose to smile and to hug my heart

for i realize my true happiness is but an art

one to paint freely across the wall

with stars and trees, and lovers answering the call

the one that rings within the depths of our being

the one that tells us, sight is not just seeing

it is believing


• xoxo •

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i feel you.


i never knew your body was a hurricane

it swept me up and swallowed all of my pain

you never told me just how deep your eyes were

for when i look into them, i see You and all else is a blur

your presence makes me realize that there’s so much more

your power shot through me, electrifying me to my very core

the kisses you placed upon my body are now stained into my skin

in the midst of the beautiful chaos, i knew this exchange would always win

•    •    •    •    •

– the rest of this poem and many others will be published in my first ever poetry book, “moments” coming soon.


• xoxo •