Over-sized Sweaters!

Sooo…Denver has decided that it’s going to bring in fall temperatures in August. BOO! I’m really going to be missing the shorts, tank tops and floral dresses but there is a bright side: fall style.

You can get this cozy sweater here!


Disregard the shorts in this photo and pay attention to this cute over-sized sweater. My main style for when it gets really cold out is for sure skinny jeans, leggings and sweaters.

Fall fashion is one of my very favorites to shop for. Every year, certain styles change and I become so excited to see what’s new for the season.




There’s many reasons why I personally prefer over-sized sweaters including: it covers up the love handles! I have thrown on a cozy, loose sweater so many times when my skinny jeans were a little too tight up top.

Grab it here!

I have an interesting body type so it makes it a little difficult to shop. What fits my thighs may not fit my bottom or my hips and all vice versa. So big sweaters are my best friend when it becomes cold outside and I find myself walking through the city.

Grab it here!

So bring it on Denver. Bring on the cold weather because I will be prepared!


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August in Bloom

20597270_1897008313956606_4996620849125076750_n (1)

It’s officially August 1st 2017. Where did the time go? I feel like it was just yesterday when I kissed his lips in excitement and anticipation. This year definitely didn’t go as planned for either of us, but that’s okay. Life has a way of surprising us and it has never given an explanation for anything it has done or brought our way.

As I sit here among the mountains, the valley and the trees, I fall into deep contemplation. Summer is almost over along with the warm Colorado weather. Flowers have always brought a sense of happiness to me (call me a hopeless romantic). On this day of deep thinking, I decided to pull out a beautiful dress I bought at a thrift store a few months ago. I hadn’t really worn it too much and today seemed like the day to bring it out.

20430122_1897008823956555_6962244910685925309_n (1).jpg

I decided to bring my headphones and my journal because I love the feeling of being submersed in a beautiful melody while jotting my feelings down. Writing has always been my friend even when I moved away from all of my friends and felt so alone. That pen and paper were always there for me.

An older lady walking by with her golden retriever stopped by to tell me how peaceful I looked. She asked what I was doing and I told her, “writing what flows out of me.” She smiled and said that she used to love doing that. She also went on and told me that because of me, she was going to go to Barnes and Noble to pick up a new journal. “You’re never too old to write about life” she said. I watched her walk away and felt so much love I almost cried. It’s those moments of sheer enjoyment that make my life exciting.

20525765_1897009033956534_3254019911205449985_n (1).jpg

It’s remarkable how many beautiful things you see and experience when you are fully present in the moment. I’m so lucky to have figured out at the young age of 20 how to be present and not skip those precious moments. They are what make up your life at the end of the day. When you’re older, you’re going to remember the look that man gave you when you held the door open for him and his grandson. You’re going to remember observing your wife cuddling with your child and then observe the unlimited amount of love she has for you. You’re going to learn how to truly appreciate these fleeting moments because they are just that: fleeting.

20525709_1897008633956574_3931297584391004790_n (1).jpg

This is my bench at the park. It’s the one I go to if I ever need to think. Everywhere I have ever lived, I’ve always had a “spot.” I wonder where my next one will be after I move away from here. The view from this bench is breathtaking to say the least.

20430003_1897008503956587_8261436062005781097_n (1).jpg
The view standing right in front of the bench.
20430160_1897008673956570_7085583640172963592_n (1).jpg
My bench spot is down the path right on that next corner. This view makes my heart so happy.

20526008_1897008380623266_2480430441517424081_n (1)

There’s just something about the floral prints to me. There’s a big connection between summer, flowers and fun. There’s also a delicacy and innocence when a woman wears floral. She could be literally anyone. She could be a business woman on her day off. She could be a mom wanting to feel pretty when she took her kids out to the park or she could even be a teenage writer dreaming of her someday-career educating others with her knowledge through her words. She could be me or you.

So say “yes” to floral dresses, shirts, pants, headbands and phone cases. Say “yes” to expressing your love of beauty and creativity.

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The Buckle Kimono


Can we take a moment to appreciate the amazing article of clothing known as the kimono? I can honestly admit that these things have saved my life time and time again on the occasions that I worried about the dreadful….”love handles” (cue dark tune). When I worked in management at Buckle (BEST job EVER), I had unlimited access to their cute new clothes. I was in charge of overseeing ALL of the new inventory that came in every single day and I absolutely loved it. I was the first one to see our new product and I would run out and show my team if something came in that I felt everyone needed to see (it happened a lot…no shame).


One day, as I was opening a bag of brand new bralettes, I came across something purple and floral. It was just begging to be opened so I ripped open the bag and instantly fell in love. I know I’m being a little dramatic but hey, that’s me for you. I didn’t even try it on before running out and telling my General Manager that I was going to buy one of these and what did she do? She bought one too!

This is me, hiding from my problems.  ^ 

After I purchased this beaut, I became obsessed. I would actively search our incoming inventory to check if there were new kimonos arriving that day and if they were, I’d buy them. You see, my fiance loves sweets. He will always want something for his sweet tooth after dinner and no matter how good I was doing, I’d fall prey to the sugary temptation that is: dessert. I saw a funny quote about a month ago and I figured I’d share it with ya’ll:



♥ This makes total sense, right? It did to me and still does. I’d forget all of the stresses and worries from life all while getting lost in a delicious chocolate chip cookie or ice cream. After a while, I noticed that the dreaded “love handles” were making a comeback. And this is when I decided I would start hiking and biking again! In the meantime, however, I wanted some coverage. At the time, I had some self confidence issues that plagued me and the handles didn’t help. So, kimonos became a thing and I’m so happy that they did! This particular one from Buckle is by far one of my favorites (hence, its own blog post).


I recently purchased the new GoPro Hero 5 Black and wanted to see how pictures would look under a certain setting. These were a little grainy for my liking but I just need to adjust the settings for next time. Overall, it’s a fun camera! I also recently acquired the Nikon D7000 because it can shoot pictures AND video! I happen to love acting so I figured it’d be fun to play with.


I’m a sucker for floral prints for many reasons. I just love how I feel like a flower fairy with all of the vibrant colors! In the photo above, I was hanging out with a large piece of petrified wood! I still haven’t been to the Petrified Forest but you bet your bottom I’ll be a picture maniac!

Get This Look!

Kimonos can be paired with basically anything. I even wear my sexier, thinner ones to bed sometimes! They add a perfect compliment to your outfit and help you feel more confident and flirty for sure!




♥ From: Buckle!



Honeybum Love


♥ Just recently, I was browsing through Instagram and came across a beautiful romper and I just HAD to have it. I followed the post to an account called Honeybum and was instantly hooked. I admit, I gave into the “impulse buy” and purchased the Floral Pom Pom Set that I had seen on the page. I received it in the mail within just a few days which made me a super happy girl! One thing that I absolutely LOVED about shopping online with Honeybum was that they portrayed some of their clothing on a curvier model who had hips and thighs like myself. Online shopping was always a little difficult for me as I felt I was “risking it” if I bought something that was a shorter length. I typically tried picturing the model…plus my hips and thighs and it actually deterred me away from buying several times. I was SO happy that I felt comfortable enough to take part in the exciting “impulse buy” because it was a lot easier for me to picture the piece on myself.

The Floral Pom Pom is a two piece matching set with adorable tassels that bounce in the wind! My first time wearing it was when my fiance and I rode our bicycles to downtown Golden for some Fourth of July festivities. He told me how cute the tassels were while riding through a beautiful bike trail.

The awesome part is since it’s a two piece, you can mix and match with other articles of clothing! I’ve worn this tassel top with denim shorts as well as a white top with the floral shorts from this set. It’s amazing!


As the majority of all rompers out there, it is short so I’ll be bending at my knees for sure! I’m more than satisfied with this company so far and I’ve already made two purchases within the first week! I’ll be making even more soon because they have a wide variety of styles that I can definitely picture myself in. I’m hoping to snatch the Candace Jogging Set next time!


♥ Another awesome thing about Honeybum, is that they are dedicated to helping #SaveTheBees! For every item you purchase, they plant 10 flowers for our beloved little friends! I’m happy to know that because of my two purchases last week, 20 flowers were planted! Bees are so very important to our planet and it’s crucial that we recognize them for their greatness!


Get This Look!

I paired my outfit with a beautiful white shell, coral and Larimar necklace I had made myself! I’d definitely say that a beachy theme is a YES when it comes the this set (although I am in Colorado)!



The Floral Pom Pom Set on Honeybum

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Embrace Your Flaws, They Make You Different

LoveYourself2.jpgAt the end of the day, it’s ourselves that we have to face. It’s ourselves that we look into the mirror and see and it’s ourselves we turn to when we need solace. Something I’ve learned over the years is that you need to be happy about who you are and truly embrace what makes you different. I struggled for a while with this because I do have unique qualities that were once targeted for bullying. I didn’t put up with bullying too much and instead told them to “shove it” but it still affected me. My pointy nose, my big forehead, my gums, my skin. I despised what I looked like and that never was a good feeling. So finally, I decided to turn it around.

I have always wanted to be an actress/model however, my height was not an “ideal” height for the modeling industry. In fact, I went to a casting call for a voice over project and unfortunately, didn’t realize that the company that it was being advertised by was not in my best interest. While I was there being my bubbly, excited self, the lady in charge told me I needed to pay $3,000 to take classes and when I told her “no,” she then preceded to tell me that the only thing good about me was my nose and cheekbones. I left that day crying because I thought I had a real chance and was so excited. I had already taken classes and was caught up pretty well in the industry. When I realized that this woman would destroy my self esteem to force me to give her money, that changed my perspective. After reading several articles about making it in the industry, I came to a common factor: many people who are in the industry are in fact different. I’ve recognized many different actors/models primarily because of that beauty mark, nose, smile or facial structure. I then realized that loving myself was the best thing I could do.

Luckily, I was able to do this and it made my life easier. I was now comfortable with who I was and what I could offer to the industry. My nose, forehead, skin or gums had nothing to do with my talent and passion. Over the years, I’ve dipped in and out of the acting/modeling world because life happened. I moved to Colorado, met the love of my life and began focusing on working to afford living. It’s a shame how our passions most of the time get thrown to the side because of this thing called “work.”

I think about what people would really do if money was’t a factor. The waitress that busts her ass every day who has the voice of an angel won’t live her dreams. The man that works in a grocery store because he doesn’t believe in himself and his phenomenal music talent. Or, someone who could be the best doctor in the world fears cost of college over their dream. Don’t you think something is wrong with that?

I say, love yourself. Love yourself enough to know you have what it takes to live your dreams. Love yourself enough to make time for the things you are passionate about. And love yourself enough to rise up against the societal sea that wants you to drown. You can do this, you’re made to be so much more.





First Fashion Post!


When I was a manager at Buckle, I tried our new clothes on almost daily. There were a few items that I couldn’t resist getting more photos of (I mean, everything there is cute but still). So I took this cute outfit out and snapped some pictures! These were my first ever “fashion blog” photos so be easy on me! I had fun regardless. All of the pictures were taken on my iPhone and I am happy to say that my camera game has changed! I now have access to a Nikon D7000 as well as a GoPro Hero Black 5!



All items worn are from Buckle! ♥