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A happy, healthy home is important to a positive life. Home is a sanctuary, a place where you feel safe. It’s where we all go to tired after a hard day or excited after a blissful evening out. Home is a calm moment in this crazy storm called life and honestly, I’m so thankful for it each and every day.

I stumbled upon the wonderful world of essential oils a few years ago and have been a member of Young Living for two years. I was able to buy oils, a diffuser, and cleaning products for my home that I knew were safe for myself, my animals and the environment. I was quite the happy Sally just being a member. I had no monthly fees or anything else that you would sometimes need to have to be a member with a company.

It honestly wasn’t until recently that I decided to take my love of holistic living to the next level and I am now working as an Independent Distributor for Young Living and so far, it has been remarkable. There are so many beautiful stories of people whose lives were changed with the use of essential oils in their every day lives.

I didn’t want to jump into this business with the mindset to just “sell, sell, sell.” I honestly want to share with you the real benefits of introducing essential oils and all natural products to your life. I’m extremely excited about this adventure because it is something I’m truly passionate about and something I want to show everyone. I will never be someone who will just try and twist things around to get someone to buy something. I will give you all of the information and the facts and in the end, it’s up to you if you want to implement it into your life.

So, if you’d like more information or would like to work with me personally, I’d love to schedule a free 15 minute consultation with you. I can answer any questions you have and even explain what options you do have. Everyone can make it with  Young Living and you can just be a member to receive the 24% discount on the products or you can work the business.