♥ Be the one who does not fear the current, but who swims with it ♥


Hey everyone, I’m Rhiannon (@gypseaskye on Instagram) and I am 22 years young. I am originally from Upstate, NY and since then have traveled around a bit.

I have a profound passion for traveling, taking photos, writing, lifestyle and fashion as it feeds the creative part of my soul. So, I figured I’d make a blog so I can do all of these things for fun!

*I do organize my blogging so that everything is easier for you, the reader to find!* I have sub pages where I will place a link+photo to the original blog post. I need to know where everything is (did not have this mindset when I lived with my parents and they constantly told me to clean my room)!

The desire to inspire others has always burned within me and I’m excited to start doing just that. I will talk about many things here on my blog including life, love, fashion, travel, creative writing stories, and interesting things that are on my mind.

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I enjoy promoting things I truly believe in and actively do so on my Instagram account. I hope that this passionate hobby will become something more someday…we will see what happens! Opportunities are always abundant!

watercolor-heart-green• Feel free to get in contact!: gypseaskye@gmail.com •